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Slides from today’s Shine Brighter Series presentation ‘Tap into New Donations with Noncash and Online Giving’

November 15, 2012

How Nonprofits Can Optimize Their Social Media Efforts

October 15, 2012

Guest Blogger, Randy Vaughn, Marketing Twins:  Randy Vaughn is currently Dallas-Fort Worth’s only Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.  Randy works alongside his identical twin brother, Donny, in their Fort Worth marketing agency (where they are known as “The Marketing Twins”).  The most unique thing about Randy is that he and his family spent 10 years as a missionary in French-speaking West Africa. 

Randy will be the guest presenter for the October 23 Shine Brighter Series presentation “5 Ways Nonprofits Can Get More Likes on Their Facebook Page.”  You may register here.

Nonprofits are not unlike small businesses in trying to optimize their presence on social media, especially on giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.  The former, currently with over 1 billion users worldwide, remains a mysterious laboratory where organizations make repeated marketing mistakes in efforts to tap into the potential viral power these social networks possess.  Notably, many of the communication blunders made on social media are the same ones made offline, too.


This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’ve got to keep this one simple, too.  Identify your ideal audience with whom you want to join in expanding your cause.  Determine their behavioral patterns for charitable giving and volunteerism.  Segment your audience (i.e., young audience with no kids, empty nesters, male-female, etc.) and know what they love, what fuels their passion and how they communicate.


Drive your nonprofit message to these specific profiles with resonating messages that match their passions.  Connect via the channels where they communicate.  No one may see that new photo gallery you put up on your website if you don’t tell them on Twitter about it, or on Facebook or through email marketing.   Consider the age-old question, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”  Apply that and ask, “if I launch a small fundraising campaign targeting millennials but only put it on my website, will it have any impact whatsoever?”  You may find that while it is necessary to have it on your nonprofit website, it may be equally (or more) important to build the campaign around Twitter or your Facebook page, depending on the audience you are wanting to reach.


You are passionately “competing” with other nonprofits for donor dollars.  While maybe not as cut-throat as in the business world, if your nonprofit provides an indistinguishable service in a cause that similarly can be performed through any number of other nonprofits (i.e., how many dozens of nonprofits are building water wells in Africa – they are everywhere), a donor has no motivation or urgency to donate to you as opposed to the other guys.  Showcase the unique way you do this, highlight the unmatched zeal or the extraordinary people behind the organization, and prove to each donor that their dollar could not be better spent anywhere else.


With each campaign, with each piece of marketing content, and with every emotional touch point, tell the audience what you want them to do.  Donations are often made with emotion (particularly small ones), so tell me where to text my donation, where to click to donate or how to sign up to volunteer.  If you post a video on Facebook, use overlaying annotations or on-screen text to drive me to the action step.  Don’t tell me to vaguely “visit our website for more information” because I will likely “do it later” (aka, “never”) or simply surf around yet never making a commitment. With the right stories and clear call-to-action, your message will compel me to take action.

Once you get the communication strategy in place, consider posting consistent content that showcases stories of the 3 most important groups your audience needs to hear about:

  1. STORIES ABOUT BENEFICIARIES – obviously your most common content will be consistent success stories and compelling case studies that promote your nonprofits’ capabilities of changing the world or transforming the lives of people in your community.  Clearly communicate the pain at the time they met you, the solution you provided to alleviate their challenges, and the hopeful enthusiasm with which they see their lives now.  This is the magic formula for the perfectly riveting testimonial about which potential donors need to hear.
  2. STORIES ABOUT DONORS – speaking of the givers, your audience needs to hear about the impact your nonprofit has made in the lives of its regular contributors.  When a potential donor examines your nonprofit, not only may they be moved by the emotional stories of the beneficiaries, but the resounding reviews from other donors testifies to your nonprofit’s credibility and trustworthiness.  Capture testimonials in written, audio and visual format to serve as endorsements that will solidify a new philanthropist’s commitment to give.
  3. STORIES ABOUT VOLUNTEERS – possibly not the heaviest hitters in your database (though there are some exceptions), volunteers champion a “grassroots” effort in terms of word-of-mouth marketing, especially in these days of social media.  Representing the unbridled enthusiasm of these committed servants serves to strengthen your organization’s case when talking with donors about their participation.  Generous givers love to see an enthusiastic base already in place.

Nonprofits offer massive social networks the perfect opportunity for people to digest stories that enrich, encourage and inspire.  Whereas businesses can mistakenly push unwelcomed promotional interruption into our online news streams, nonprofits tug at our hearts and consequently redirect our focus and action to the more important things.  Your social media communication plan must be clear, targeted and all about the stories.  When you contribute the necessary altruism to our daily conversations and consciousness, your nonprofit will enjoy a healthy online presence needed to expand and extend your organization’s impact.

Powerful, Cloud-based, and Totally Revolutionary

August 31, 2012

We’ve published a new white paper titled “Powerful, Cloud-based, and Totally Revolutionary” to showcase the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) for nonprofits.

Running a nonprofit or charitable organization has never been exactly easy.  And today, it may be as challenging as it has ever been.  Not only are you wrestling with a tough economy, but at the same time you’ve got to manage your current information technology assets while facing a welter of new and emerging technological opportunities and challenges.

Normally, nonprofits and charities have acquired and implemented technology solutions piecemeal, as needs and budgets allow.  The almost universal result is a group of specialized tools that perform each function well, but are structurally unable to share data, and so make automation of many routine operational tasks difficult or impossible.

This white paper helps to shed light on what we aspired to accomplish with Orange Leap On Demand.  We hope you find it helpful – download here.

The Third Quarter Release of MPX is Available for Your Production Environment!

September 30, 2011

Version 10.2.4288 is the official PCI Compliance release. All credit card numbers are now tokenized and are no longer stored in the database. Now when a credit card is entered into MPX, that number is sent to the payment processor for storage.

There were also over 60 enhancements made in this MPX release including the ability for the MPX user login process to use integrated Windows security. To enable this you need to set the following config setting both in the client and the server. Other highlights include distribution list updates, forms for postal code validations and exceptions, report enhancements, as well as a variety of donor and transaction screen updates that improve efficiency.

There is a change to downloading the MPX Release Version 10.2.4288 and it’s release notes. These can now be downloaded from Confluence, which requires a login. If you do not have a login, you can self-register. After you register, please email and let them know your credentials so you can have the access to the MPX folders. Once you’ve signed up, you can access Confluence anytime or for a complete list of all changes and enhancements go directly to the MPX 10.2.4288 release files.

Orange Leap On Demand v14 is Here! What’s New?

August 19, 2011

We have made several improvements and incorporated new features throughout the product.  The following list highlights some of the major features and enhancements included in this release:

Redesigned user-interface 

A major improvement with Orange Leap On Demand has been the user interface.  All of the functionality is still available, however, how you access the information is redesigned to be easier and more user friendly.

Search Functionality

The search functionality is located in the same place — on the top right in the title bar area.  However, there are a couple of key improvements:

  1. Search Auto-complete — As before, the default search is a fuzzy text search, however, as you type results will start to display records that match what you are inputting.
  2. If the record you are looking for appears in the list, you can click on it to navigate directly to it.  If an exact match is not found, the constituent search results will display.

Import Functionality

The import functionality provides an auto-cleanse option to automatically cleanse the data and to resolve common formatting issues, such as dates and check box values, with imports. The check box associated with this feature is checked, by default. If you do not want to use the auto-cleanse feature and allow the import to work similar to how it was previously, you will need to uncheck the associated check box.

Events Module

Sections called Event Goals and Event Details have been added.  There are Event Goal Category and Event Attributes associated picklists for you to input the types of goals you might have for the event; there are also Event Goal Category Items and Event Attribute Details that have values dependent upon the Event Goal Category or Event Attribute Details that you selected. 

Sponsorship Module

Additional attribute grids are available on the sponsorable record, program, and home screens.  Their setup is similar to the additional constituent attributes.  There are picklists associated with each attribute list and attribute details can be added based on the selected attribute.

NEW Modules!

  • Prospect Research: We have a new module, Prospect Research, the purpose of which is to give you tools to help you understand your donors and potential major donors and their ability and probability to give.  This module will often be used in conjunction with complementary products such as Wealth Engine or Donor Tools.  If the module is enabled, it renders as an item under the Constituent’ Profile menu.

The Guru

  • Enhanced Charting: For all charts, you can now add a Title, Subtitle, an X-Axis Label, a Y-Axis Label, There are several new chart types supported, including 3D charts.
  • Enhanced Postal Radius Criteria: The Postal Radius custom filter criteria is now available on the Constituent & Primary Contact data source.

For a more in-depth review of all the product and feature enhancements log on to confluence and view our Orange Leap On Demand and Guru Feature Release pages.

Orange Leap Announces Email Integration With 2Dialog

June 28, 2011

We are pleased to let you know about the release of 2Dialog’s integration with Orange Leap’s MPX and Orange Leap On Demand.

2Dialog offers a suite of online fundraising and e-Communication tools. One of2Dialog’s online communication tools, called Billboard, embraces all aspects of direct response marketing strategies. It enables organizations to easily create and execute effective email campaigns through the use of microsites and landing pages in order to maximize donations. 2Dialog has a lot of functionality in one stand-alone tool which now seamlessly integrates with both MPX and Orange Leap On Demand.

The benefits of the integration include:

Donor Data Synchronization

• Data segmentations created in MPX and Orange Leap On Demand are available in Billboard for emailing campaigns.
• Donors in MPX and Orange Leap On Demand are synchronized within 2Dialog.
• Important campaign data captured in Billboard is automatically transferred back into MPX and Orange Leap On Demand.

Email Deliverability System

• Ability to send email fundraising and marketing campaigns to your constituents and donors.
• Campaign effectiveness and donor behavioral analysis can be done within2Dialog, MPX, or Orange Leap On Demand.

Microsites/Landing Pages

• Quick deployment of e-campaigns through the use of campaign specific microsites/landing pages and forms created within the Billboard tool.
• Transactions done in Billboard are instantly available to be viewed in MPX and Orange Leap On Demand.
• Data captured within these pages are automatically transferred back into2Dialog, MPX, and Orange Leap On Demand.

Common Vision

• Business and Product Development Goals and future direction are shared between both partners.
• Relationship established in 2009. Product integration began in 2010 and was demonstrated with MPX at OrangeCon in 2011.

For more information, please contact

Orange Leap — Simple

November 10, 2010

A simple explanation of how Orange Leap On-Demand software can help organize and manage constituent and donor relationships for non-profit fund raising organizations.