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Can I Manage My Events?

October 31, 2012

Q: Does the application support event management?

A: Orange Leap’s Event module captures and tracks critical data about all of your organization’s events, whether online or in a traditional conference venue.  You can track every aspect of the event – including the venue, speakers, invitations and registrations.  Using Orange Leap’s Guru report writing tool, you can pull up-to-the-minute data about any and all aspects of your event.


Is It Possible To Create New Reports Without Hiring A Report Writing Expert?

October 12, 2012

Q: Is it possible to create reports without having to hire a report writing expert?

A: With Orange Leap’s Guru reporting, scheduling, and distribution tool, custom reports and detailed, customized searches of constituent records are made remarkably easy.  In fact, they are so easy that even users with no coding experience or technical expertise can manage it, without calling on IT support or database administrators.

The Orange Leap Guru is a sophisticated wizard that can help you generate practically any kind of report you can name by guiding you through five simple steps:

  1. The Guru helps you select what kind of information you’ll be searching – whether it be a mailing list or constituent or contact information.
  2. Next, it will allow you to choose the most helpful and appropriate format for your report – for example, you can choose from options such as a spreadsheet running column by column, grouped by fields, or a matrix style pivot table.
  3. It then helps you select any columns you wish to include in the report.
  4. You can add any search parameters such as records created within a certain time frame, types of records, gift amounts, zip code, or any other field you capture.
  5. And finally, The Guru will prompt you to save the report.

Even though Orange Leap’s Guru tool simplifies report writing, some organizations still prefer to have help setting up the reporting process in some cases.  Orange Leap is happy to assist in building a report for a very reasonable fee (or through Orange Plush Extended Services Plan). For organizations that choose this options, they often find they can use the report they have Orange Leap build as a starting point that they can use as a model to build their own reports in the future.