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Can My Constituents Access Their Own Records And Take Advantage Of Self-care?

October 26, 2012

Q: Can my constituents access their own records and take advantage of self-care?

A: Orange Leap gives you the power to provide your donors and constituents with the ability to look up their own records and update and correct contact information.  Like the Online Giving Widget, the Donor Portal Widget automatically generates embeddable code that you can integrate seamlessly into your website.

In this case, the generated page asks your donor to log-in with name and password, and then allows your donor to not only review, update, and correct personal and contact information, but, if you choose, to also review their giving and activities with your organization.

Can My Website And Fundraising Software Work Together?

October 24, 2012

Q: How easy is it to integrate the constituent relationship management system with my organization’s website?

A: Orange Leap provides a “Donor Giving Widget” that allows you to integrate a “give now” page or tab seamlessly within your website.  The widget creates a page that puts the user into Orange Leap donor database automatically and virtually invisibly – all with a look and feel that is completely harmonious with the rest of your site.

The widget generates code that you use to present your donor with a giving page that retains your website’s domain, look, and feel – but all the data a donor enters is entered directly into Orange Leap.  By taking the information directly, Orange Leap can guarantee that it conforms to back-end business rules without having to be translated, re-formatted,or re-keyed at all. Plus, it can instantly trigger automated events such as a “thank you,” change in giver status, receipt dispatch, or any other activity normally associated with any kind of gift.  If the donor is a first time donor, a new record can be created within Orange Leap and all of that information will be instantly and automatically integrated.