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21st Century Philanthropy Recording – Shine Brighter Series

June 25, 2013

Richard Blackmon of Fulcrum shares a planned giving strategy that benefits your donor and your nonprofit.

21st Century Philanthropy from Orange Leap on Vimeo.

Power Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising with Orange Leap

June 4, 2013
Twitter for Nonprofits

With Orange Leap you have a fresh new choice!

Cloud-based, easy-to-use, budget-friendly subscription pricing make Orange Leap Constituent Relationship Management solution a great choice for vibrant Nonprofits.

We’ll be having a product tour webcast on June 27, Thursday at 1:00 central.

If you are routinely frustrated by your current donor management system and struggle with its expense, complexity, and failure to meet your day to day needs – you are not alone.  Join other nonprofit professionals who are also interested in learning about a cloud-based alternative that comes with lower cost of ownership and far more flexibility than legacy, on-premise solutions.

Among the topics covered in this product overview:
-Cloud-based fundraising
-Building donor loyalty through more strategic communication
-Robust reporting at your fingertips
-Powerful business rules engines that can/will automate much of your unique business processes

Please register here  

We hope to see you there!

I Have A Dream: The Importance of Vision At Every Donor Level

January 28, 2013

3 at laptopSimply put, donors give to a vision that stirs their philanthropic passion.

You have to prove the efficacy of your vision and work over time, but nothing garners long-term, committed donors like a continual emphasis on your vision and the role each gift plays in progress toward that vision.  It is the silver thread that ties all of your fundraising effort together.  This webinar will look at the importance of communicating your organization’s vision consistently across all donor touch points to ensure continued giving that grows with you and your vision.  If donors do not clearly understand where you are going, how can you expect them to join you on the journey?

Please join us for this free webcast:

Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 2:00e/1:00c

The webcast is free, but you must register.

Key Learnings:

  • We will review examples of how successful organizations weave their vision through all communications and touch-points.  While communicating vision in a Major Donor proposal seems natural, we will also explore how to weave that into acquisitions or ensure it is reflected in a pithy manner on Twitter or Facebook.
  • We will review successful strategies that create a donor journey that makes each gift a step towards their participation in fulfilling the organization’s vision and multi-year goals.
  • We will review and discuss how vision evolves and grows with the organizations, and how that is seamlessly weaved into effective long-term donor cultivation.

Presented by Matt McCabe, Senior Vice President, Consulting Services

Matt is one of today’s leading nonprofit consultants, with experience spanning two decades helping charitable organizations around the world optimize their online marketing and fundraising, integrated marketing, business process and organizational strategy, direct mail, and media and print campaigns.  Currently, Matt serves as senior vice president of consulting services responsible for leading Pursuant consultants focused on developing integrated and comprehensive fundraising strategies for clients.

This session will be limited to 100 attendees, please click here to register.

The Third Quarter Release of MPX is Available for Your Production Environment!

September 30, 2011

Version 10.2.4288 is the official PCI Compliance release. All credit card numbers are now tokenized and are no longer stored in the database. Now when a credit card is entered into MPX, that number is sent to the payment processor for storage.

There were also over 60 enhancements made in this MPX release including the ability for the MPX user login process to use integrated Windows security. To enable this you need to set the following config setting both in the client and the server. Other highlights include distribution list updates, forms for postal code validations and exceptions, report enhancements, as well as a variety of donor and transaction screen updates that improve efficiency.

There is a change to downloading the MPX Release Version 10.2.4288 and it’s release notes. These can now be downloaded from Confluence, which requires a login. If you do not have a login, you can self-register. After you register, please email and let them know your credentials so you can have the access to the MPX folders. Once you’ve signed up, you can access Confluence anytime or for a complete list of all changes and enhancements go directly to the MPX 10.2.4288 release files.

Orange Leap — Simple

November 10, 2010

A simple explanation of how Orange Leap On-Demand software can help organize and manage constituent and donor relationships for non-profit fund raising organizations.