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Community First

October 21, 2008


Matt McCabe, VP of Community

Matt McCabe, VP of Community

I am so excited about our announcement today that Matt McCabe is joining Orange Leap as Vice President of Community. This is all about the ethos at Orange Leap that puts community first. Always.

Noticing Matt’s last name, you may be wondering if we are related. Matt is my brother and, naturally, I am thrilled about getting to work together. But, I am even more excited by Matt’s “journey” and resulting vision for community that he has as a result of his years working with nonprofits here in the US, the UK and elsewhere around the world.

Having both grown up in the nonprofit community–our father has been working with nonprofits on marketing, fundraising, management and more for nearly 35 years, we have both spent most of our careers working in and around the nonprofit sector. However, we have taken very different paths on our respective journeys, rarely getting to collaborate directly.

Over the last 12 months, though, our conversations about the market and what organizations need truly began to resonate around two common themes:

  1. Nonprofits need better technology with greater flexibility, more choice and lower costs. This is why Orange Leap is open source.
  2. Technology is a powerful tool, but users require support, training, expertise and strategy to be effective and derive strong results. From implementation to business processes to best practices, there is a wealth of information, knowledge and technology widgets out there dispersed across nonprofits and the organizations that serve them. No single company or small coalition of service providers can meet all of these needs effectively. That is why Orange Leap is the platform committed to building community across nonprofits. This is why community will always come first.

I encourage you to connect with Matt to hear his vision and where it came from in more detail. He has consulted for the largest and most well-known organizations in the world. But he has also consulted with nonprofits with less than $250,000 in annual revenue. Whether working with groups large or small, Matt has seen the need for community, and his passion has both influenced me personally and also led him to Orange Leap professionally.

With the addition of Matt, I am more confident than ever that we have the best leadership team in the industry. Beyond each of our company leaders proven expertise and innovation in their fields — whether it is Leo who has been developing and deploying open source solutions for leading companies for more than 20 years or Bryan who has implemented collaborative, value oriented software distribution models for top software companies, we have a leadership team that has not only talked about putting nonprofits’ needs first, but has a consistent record of operating that way.

So, please join me in welcoming Matt. He welcomes input from anyone with any interest in or advice about building  community, to email him at matt dot mccabe at Orange Leapopen dot com. In building community, we will partner with nonprofits and those who serve them. Community first!