Newsletter: What’s happening at Orange Leap?

We thought you’d want to be kept up to date with some of the latest news and events in the Orange Leap Community.  Here’s what’s hot at Orange Leap as we melt from spring into summer 2010.

Integrated API

We’re in the design stages of an integrated API for MPX and Orange Leap On Demand.  This is just another effort to make it easier for our partners to build and support valuable integrations once for both products and for our customers to be able to take advantage of modules and integrations built for either product regardless of which product your organization uses.  Look for this in Q4 2010.

What’s new with MPX?

Recently Released:

  • WIP (web integration platform) tool updates
  • Subscription Status Mass Update tool
  • Recurring Batch Utility
  • The Guru for MPX Segmentations Updates

Coming Soon:

MPX Refactoring Effort:

As promised at OrangeCon09, we have begun refactoring the internal codebase of MPX, and it is progressing nicely.  This is the first step and most significant step in a series of new features for MPX, including:

  • Support for .Net 3.0
  • Support for the most recent versions of windows and SQL Server
  • Support for active messaging (ala orange leap)
  • Support for business rules
  • Ability for the community to more easily integrate/extend MPX.

Login to The Knowledge Base to learn more.

Orange Leap Mobile Phone Application

Orange Leap, Turning Point Ministries, and Morpho ( a mobile/web app development partner) are teaming up to build a mobile phone app for MPX that works on any “smart” phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, and Android primarily) that gives an individual the basic elements needed to work with major donors in MPX through a simple and efficient mobile app interface.

We expect this app to be available Summer 2010.
We expect to integrate this with Orange Leap On Demand as well.

Login to  The Knowledge Base to learn more

What’s New in Orange Leap On-Demand?

Recently Released:

We have made significant improvements and incorporated great new features in OLOD over the last two releases. The following is a partial list of what we have introduced, with references to the Orange Leap Wiki for more details:

  • US Zip to Radius Search (version 8)
  • Support for Non-Monetary Pledges (version 8)
  • Relating Touchpoints to gifts, pledges or batches (version 8)
  • Business Rules created using constituent or gift segmentation (version 9)
  • Have read-only or hidden fields on a screen based on a users role and constituent attributes (version 9)

Login to The Knowledge Base and take a look at all of the changes.

Coming Soon:

  • 2nd version of Business Rules Library
  • Custom scheduler for imports and batches
  • Custom Entities (offering the same level of configuration for entities as we have for fields)

In addition to the Integrated API, which will give any module or integration for either OLOD or MPX the ability to work with both products, the development team is working on several Orange Leap Widgets that are outside of OLOD and will eventually work with both products (OLOD and MPX) through the Integrated API, including:

  • Donation Widget – place this on any website to process gifts directly.
  • Donor Information Widget – place this on any website to view, print, and update constituent information.


Orange Leap Invites you to join our team, our customers, our partners, and the rest of the Orange Leap community for two days of Education and Collaboration.

November 3rd and 4th, 2010

OrangeCon2010 is a two day educational event focused on helping users and developers to get the most from Orange Leap On Demand, MPX, and The Guru. By attending OrangeCon2010, you will learn, grow, and inspire your organization to build better relationships with your constituents and raise more money to fuel your mission!
Click here to learn more and pre-register

Registration: $100/person to attend in person and free for customers to attend online.

Orange Photo Contest

Show us your Orange Leap spirit and win a trip to OrangeCon2010!

Win a Free Registration, Airfare, and Hotel for 2 people.

Show us your “OrangeLeap” spirit by coming up with a fun and orange photo of you and/or your organization for our first ever Orange Photo contest. The winner will be chosen by the staff at Orange Leap. Come on, it’s time to get creative!

Send us your photo and compete to win a trip to the conference.
Click here to learn more

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2 Comments on “Newsletter: What’s happening at Orange Leap?”

  1. Rick Baker Says:

    Is the API released yet? We may be building a site for a client who is on Orange Leap MPX and they want order info from their store to drop into Orange Leap so that they can manage those customers. We are a PHP shop and could be stuck of there is no API. If anyone has any info, I would appreciate it.

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