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Nonprofits: A Chance to Do More with More

June 19, 2013

giftsHere’s a question that is fun to answer:  If you suddenly found $8,000 how would you put it to use?

We’ll let you think about that for a moment, before we ask the next question.

OK, next question:  What if your landlord said there was some extra space in your building and you were welcome to utilize the space any way you wished.  How would you use the space?  A much needed conference room?  A couple of new offices?  A staging area? Storage space?

JMT Consulting Group moved their business applications to the cloud and the result was they were no longer spending significant amounts on supporting a collection of on premise business solutions.  And, by ridding themselves of on premise solutions, they opened up more space in their office to better accomodate their team.  Here’s the full story:  What If You Didn’t Have a Server Room?

Based in New York, JMT Consulting Group is an Orange Leap Reselling Partner and has been serving nonprofits for over 20 years.


Powerful, Cloud-based, and Totally Revolutionary

August 31, 2012

We’ve published a new white paper titled “Powerful, Cloud-based, and Totally Revolutionary” to showcase the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) for nonprofits.

Running a nonprofit or charitable organization has never been exactly easy.  And today, it may be as challenging as it has ever been.  Not only are you wrestling with a tough economy, but at the same time you’ve got to manage your current information technology assets while facing a welter of new and emerging technological opportunities and challenges.

Normally, nonprofits and charities have acquired and implemented technology solutions piecemeal, as needs and budgets allow.  The almost universal result is a group of specialized tools that perform each function well, but are structurally unable to share data, and so make automation of many routine operational tasks difficult or impossible.

This white paper helps to shed light on what we aspired to accomplish with Orange Leap On Demand.  We hope you find it helpful – download here.

The Third Quarter Release of MPX is Available for Your Production Environment!

September 30, 2011

Version 10.2.4288 is the official PCI Compliance release. All credit card numbers are now tokenized and are no longer stored in the database. Now when a credit card is entered into MPX, that number is sent to the payment processor for storage.

There were also over 60 enhancements made in this MPX release including the ability for the MPX user login process to use integrated Windows security. To enable this you need to set the following config setting both in the client and the server. Other highlights include distribution list updates, forms for postal code validations and exceptions, report enhancements, as well as a variety of donor and transaction screen updates that improve efficiency.

There is a change to downloading the MPX Release Version 10.2.4288 and it’s release notes. These can now be downloaded from Confluence, which requires a login. If you do not have a login, you can self-register. After you register, please email and let them know your credentials so you can have the access to the MPX folders. Once you’ve signed up, you can access Confluence anytime or for a complete list of all changes and enhancements go directly to the MPX 10.2.4288 release files.

Orange Leap Ahead!

February 26, 2009

MPower is rebranding as Orange Leap!

Orange Leap

We’re making this change to more accurately reflect our mission of delivering innovation and efficiency through bold technology to the nonprofit community (and frankly, we think it helps avoid brand confusion around the growing number of companies with mpower in the world and our good friends at NPower in the nonprofit community).

From our beginning, we’ve been dedicated to providing nonprofits worldwide with groundbreaking technology solutions for accelerating constituent management and fundraising.  A good example of this was taking our product open source last year to give organizations full flexibility with and control over technology while also driving down total cost of ownership.

You can learn more about the rebranding by reading our news release and Frequently Asked Questions, and also by visiting other areas of the new website at  Additionally, keep track of what we’re up to by joining the Orange Leap groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and follow us on Twitter, too.

In March, we’ll be releasing two new products with support plans that are bringing innovation to a new level in the nonprofit community. And you can count on more innovation in 2009 and beyond. It’s what we do – bold and innovative technology at a simple and honest price.  So we want our name, logo and tagline to be as fresh, energetic and memorable as our software, support and services.

We’d love to show you the new products we’re launching in March.  You can schedule a demo by emailing us at or by calling us at 1 (800) 562-5150.

We look forward to your thoughts and feedback!