Orange Leap’s Latest Innovation, The Guru, Makes Sophisticated, Real-Time Reporting Fast and Easy for Nonprofits

DALLAS, TEXAS (March 12, 2009) – Orange Leap (formerly MPower) today announced availability of The Guru, which enables nonprofits to easily create sophisticated reports for analyzing their data in real time – a key step for taking organizational performance to the next level and beyond.

Orange Leap provides bold, innovative and easy-to-use, open source software for nonprofits to strengthen constituent relationships, accelerate fundraising and enhance other mission-critical operations.

Built on JasperServer, a leading open source, high-performance business intelligence platform and report server, The Guru is unlike any other reporting solution currently available for nonprofits. It vastly simplifies the process for collecting and analyzing data and enables an organization to create and share reports in real time with just a few mouse clicks.

This capability is extremely important for nonprofit groups which daily capture huge volumes of constituent, fundraising and operational data in multiple databases throughout their organizations.  Now with The Guru, nonprofits of any size can benefit from analytical capability comparable to that enjoyed by many of the world’s largest institutions and businesses.

“Every minute spent gathering organizational performance data for analysis and distribution is a minute nonprofit professionals and their organizations could spend serving constituents or raising funds to extend their capacity to do so,” said Randy McCabe, founder and CEO of Orange Leap.  “The Guru lets nonprofits get and share the information they need – quickly and hassle-free – so they can focus more resources on mission fulfillment versus wrangling with technology.”

A wizard-based, browser-accessible, and database-agnostic tool, The Guru enables virtually any nonprofit staff member to generate and share custom reports pulled from data in any system that his/her organization uses including systems for accounting, Web content management, inventory, constituent management, fundraising and more.  A user can create one-time or automated, recurring reports in tabular, summary, and cross-tab or matrix formats, depending on which is most appropriate for a given need. He/she also can automate delivery to the right people at the right times, even daily, if needed.

Examples include common reports on new donors, lapsed donors, giving by day/week/month, etc.  Users can customize filters to create sophisticated, matrix reports on critical factors such as year-to-date giving by state and motivation or campaign response by status (i.e., major donor, member, volunteer and other attributes), state and source. The ability to fully customize filters through an intuitive wizard, nest filters with the click of a button and report across multiple systems (such as an organization’s accounting software, online system and donor database), provides the first-ever, real-time, total enterprise reporting solution for nonprofits.

Because The Guru is wizard-based, no technical expertise, understanding of database schema, access to databases and programming skills are required to use it. Nonprofit professionals no longer have to go through complicated, arduous and time-consuming processes or rely on IT staff, administrators or developers to run reports in order to get the most value out of their data.

To learn more about The Guru and/or request a demo or free trial, please visit

The Guru is the latest innovation from Orange Leap whose core product is a mature, full feature, open source constituent management solution specifically designed for nonprofits. Used by organizations around the world, including some of the most sophisticated direct marketers, Orange Leap is available without licensing fees and gives users access to the source code so they can modify the software, develop new features and functionality, integrate with their other solutions, and have a single platform for running their organizations.

About Orange Leap

Orange Leap energizes nonprofits, making it easier for them to achieve mission success. The Dallas-based company (formerly known as MPower Open) offers innovative yet simple to use software-based solutions that strengthen relationships with constituents and other nonprofits. Orange Leap’s ever-growing community collaborates on advanced technology and smarter practices using Orange Leap’s open-source code. Nonprofits big and small, with a wide range of missions and constituencies, choose Orange Leap to move their organizations forward. For more information, please visit


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