July Webcasts Feature ‘Maximizing Board Engagement & Effectiveness ’


Maximizing Board Engagement & Effectiveness – Thursday, July 25 1:00 Central

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Presented by Adam Roth, CEO of StreamLink Software

A 2013 survey conducted by StreamLink Software and the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management uncovers how board members perceive engagement within their organizations.

In “Maximizing Board Engagement & Effectiveness,” we summarize what results revealed about the motivations and drivers of board members, outline the symptoms (and underlying causes) of board member complacency, debunk myths, and share steps you can take to increase engagement and future-proof your nonprofit board.

  • How Do Board Members Engage With The Organization’s Mission?
  • Do board members feel engaged, heard, and effective?
  • How Do Board Members View & Promote The Strategic Direction?
  • Discover how you can future-proof your board by better engaging today’s board and effectively recruiting tomorrow’s board.

Power your Fundraising with Orange Leap

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Presented by Kevin Wells, Orange Leap

This presentation is an overview of the Orange Leap product and designed for nonprofits who would like an introduction to Orange Leap.  Cloud-based, easy-to-use, budget-friendly subscription pricing make Orange Leap Constituent Relationship Management solution a great choice for vibrant Nonprofits.

Among the topics covered in this product overview:
-Cloud-based fundraising
-Building donor loyalty through more strategic communication
-Robust reporting at your fingertips
-Powerful business rules engines that can/will automate much of your unique business processes

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