It’s time to start thinking about OrangeCon2012!

Welcome to OrangeCon2010!
This year we thought we would get our clients involved in the structuring of the conference. The conference will be held over two days, one day for MPX and one day for Orange Leap On Demand. We are weighing the options of the seminar based conference structure from previous years, and modeling OrangeCon2012 after the new trend of un-conferences.

What is an un-conference?
An un-conference can be described as an open forum atmosphere where clients have direct interaction with not only our developers, but each other concerning best techniques and strategies for using Orange Leap to grow their non-profit. This is not to say that we would be stepping away from the administration of the conference, but moderating and guiding the discussion topics you choose.

Get involved!
We encourage you, the client, to participate in this decision because you can benefit most from the outcome. Take a look at videos from our previous conferences, and research other un-conferences. Simply click to vote on our Facebook group, or join the conversation and your ideas and responses under #OrangeCon2012. For more information visit our conference page.

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