Exporting orders from Magento to OrangeLeap MPX

Written by Jase Clamp

Some of our non-profit clients use a customer relationship management system called MPX by Orange Leap. The software is mainly used to process incoming orders and donations. Many of those same clients also use Magento for their online shopping cart. The challenge is how to export orders from Magento and into MPX. MPX has a custom CSV format called “TI.” Basically orders are split up into at least five different CSV files that are all linked together by order numbers. The files are basically:

  • Master order file
  • Details (products per order)
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Magazine/newsletter subscriptions

At first we thought we would have to custom script a solution that would either pull orders direct from the MySQL database that Magento runs on or pull orders via Magento’s API. We spent months working on this approach and basically got it working. We felt the time investment was quite high though. That is when I found a Magento extension called Xtento Order Export Module. This module promised to be able to export orders in any format you could want. The price is $250. After all the time we’d spent trying to do it manually, I figured this was a pretty fair deal.

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