New Features in v8 and v9 in Orange Leap On Demand

We have made several improvements and incorporated some new features throughout the product. The following is a partial list of what we have introduced, with references to the online help files that provide more details.

  • US Zip to Radius Search ( version 8 )
  • Support for Non-Monetary Pledges ( version 8 )
  • Relating Touchpoints to gifts, pledges or batches ( version 8 )
  • Business Rules created using constituent or gift segmentation ( version 9 )
  • Have read-only or hidden fields on a screen based on a users role and constituent attributes ( version 9 )

Support for Non-Monetary Pledges: Pledges can now be identified as monetary or non-monetary; by default, they are all monetary.  However, if you select non-monetary, you have the ability to associate a Gift-in-Kind to the pledge. The pledge schedule and amounts work the same for both monetary and non-monetary.  Amounts are applied if the Gift’s status is Paid or if the Gift-in-Kind’s status is Received.

US Zip to Radius Search: Within Orange Leap, you have the ability to perform a zip to radius search using the global search feature.  To utilize, select the Search Near Postal Code option from the main menu and input a 5-digit postal code.  By default, the search will return records within a 20-mile radius. However, you can input your own radius by inputting the number of miles – input the 5-digit postal code, then a space, then the number of miles.  Once done, click on Search or press ENTER.  The first 200 records meeting your search radius will be returned. For US, if your postal codes are not a full 5-digits (e.g. have the leading 0’s), then the search will not return the records as expected.

Relating Touchpoints to gifts, pledges or batches: Using the batch process, you have the ability to create touch points based on constituent segmentations instead of only gift and adjusted gift segmentations.

Business rules can now be created based on a constituent or gift segmentation.  The segmentation that you request will be executed each evening and any related rules, such as generating mail or mail labels, based on the segmentation, will be executed.  You can work with your analyst to see if any rules still waiting this functionality can now be implemented.

Have read-only or hidden fields on a screen based on a users role and constituent attributes: We have had support to hide fields by role for a specific screen.  However, you can now hide fields for a role based upon an attribute on that screen.  For example, if the constituent has a specific profile type or donor profile, you can hide fields for a specific role.

Login to Confluence and take a look at all of the changes.

( version 8 )

( version 9 )

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