Understanding Business Rules and Fundraising Automation: How an Active System Can Manage the Donor Life-Cycle for You

Have you ever struggled with timely donor acknowledgement? Ever wished you could easily target cultivation to key donors in a consistent, systematic way? Processes at many organizations can be sporadically implemented and sometimes capricious having evolved organically over years.

These flawed processes leave the nonprofit highly vulnerable to sub-optimal constituent management because each organization’s business rules for this mission-critical function — the standard operating procedures and routines that have evolved into the group’s best practices — mostly exist in the institutional memories of individuals rather than in the infrastructure of the organization. In addition, the reliance on individuals to consistently remember and properly execute on key processes — like timely acknowledgements with versioning by gift-level and donor type, new donor welcome series via mail and/email, or cultivation and upgrade appeals based upon a donor action like event attendance — presents a serious risk that donors and other constituents will have inconsistent treatment, which results in current as well as potential income loss.

This Webinar will look at how implementing business rules in Orange Leap can automate your fundraising cycle and actually manage the donor life-cycle for you, leaving you free to focus on strategy, personal outreach and your mission.

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