Check Out The Guru February 2010 Feature Release on Confluence

We have made several improvements and incorporated some new features throughout The Guru reporting wizard. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Result Hyperlinks: Your report results may contain row data that is bolded. This is identifying a constituent hyperlink — if you click on the bolded information, and are already logged in to Orange Leap, you will be navigated to the selected constituent.  If you are not logged in to Orange Leap, a login page will be displayed.  You must then login and click on the hyperlink once again in order to navigate to the constituent. The hyperlinks will not work in existing reports, or reports created prior to this release.  You must edit the report and re-save it if you would like preexisting reports to include hyperlinks.
  • New Criteria Row: When you select the + icon to add another standard filter line on the Report Criteria screen, the new line will be a copy of the one you clicked the +.  Many times, users are adding similar criteria to input a date range or to search for multiple values within the same field — this reduces the amount of time needed to search for the field and create the criteria.

This release also includes resolving some issues that were discovered, it also describes known issues, and finally gives you a look at some of the planned improvements and features that will be added in the future.

The complete feature list, known issues and planned improvements, are available on Confluence at this link, The Guru Release. Take the time to look at all of the exciting improvements our developers have been working on.

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