Customizing Your CRM In Minutes Not Months

So, you realize you need a new custom field on a constituent record to track someone’s birthday, anniversary or other important occasion. Or perhaps you need to capture a particular attribute that just doesn’t fit any of the current constituent profile fields.  Normally, you’d have to figure out a way to use one of the ‘custom fields’ appended to your CRM and either remember that ‘Custom Field 1’ is birth date or ask your vendor to rename it. Worse, if you wanted that to be a ‘date only’ field, you’d have to ask your vendor to scope the work involved and pay them for their time, on-top of waiting until they could get to it.

But, imagine this: instead, you go to a simple wizard in one click, fill out 5 fields and, presto, in less than 30 seconds you have a new field on your constituent record where you want it, viewable only by users who need it and fully accessible immediately to your APIs and reporting. And, best of all, customizations are seamlessly maintained through upgrades or other changes to the core software platform.

Sound too good to be true? Then join us for our latest webinar, Customizing Your CRM in Minutes Not Months! We’ll do an overview of the profound impact this robust and easy-to-use technology can have for your organization. Then, in a live demo, walk through a number of powerful use-cases that can save you time, hassle and money. We’ll round our time out with a question and answer session in which you get to suggest scenarios to us and see if we can customize it live in front of your eyes. Add a constituent look-up field in seconds? No problem: date fields, text fields, number fields, pick lists, screen definitions and more.

Join us
to see just how easy life can be when you have Constituent Management Your Way… not the vendors.

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