More Failures for the Old (Proprietary) Model

Well, the failures of the old model continue to abound. A recent article details how the State of California has had to cancel their SAP implementation “after sinking $25 million into the project and seeing nothing out of it.” In fact, 3 plus years into the implementation, the state was unable to implement a number of crucial cost saving initiatives due to “absolutely ancient IT infrastructure.”

In this economy, no one can afford to sink significant dollars into failed projects, a nearly bankrupt state government least of all. We need those dollars going to projects of impact that create jobs, not outdated software licenses and old model consultants charging hundreds of dollars per hour.

So let’s embrace transparent pricing, the elimination of up front costs and the beauty of open models that allow organizations to actually trial the software to know if it is a fit prior to committing to implementation. Throw out your RFPs,  an outdated device for risk mitigation from the days when you couldn’t trial the software in your unique business environment. The new model mitigates your risk at an affordable price with no up-front investment.  Though it is bad news to the profit margins of proprietary software vendors. Oh, and it probably could have saved the State of California almost $25 million.

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2 Comments on “More Failures for the Old (Proprietary) Model”

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