Open Source Advantage: Simple, Powerful and Low-Cost

I read a great post by Matt Asay the other day referencing how during SalesForce’s user conference, the company pressured a hotel to move their competitor, SugarCRM, to another hotel. 

SugarCRM is a competing product that has grown very quickly. The product is not only robust, but it is open source and very inexpensive. As Matt Asay phrased it, “Value wins in a recessionary economy, to the extent that anyone does, and these open-source vendors are providing a heck of a lot of value…for a very low price.”

We actually switched to SugarCRM from SalesForce recently for similar reasons. Naturally we are very pro open source. But no one buys a product just because it is open source…and no one should. You buy the products that help you operate most effectively while being simple to use and provide the best value for the lowest cost.

That is precisely why we moved to SugarCRM. We have found it easier to use, more effective in our daily operations and we are saving a significant amount of money.

That is precisely what we strive to do for our clients. We are aiming to provide powerful, friendly tools that make it simple for you to be more effective and create value at low-cost. Open source is the best way to do that, even for the 80% of our customers who will never read or write a line of code.

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