Orange Leaping Others Client Referral Program

2007 has been a busy year at Orange Leap Systems. We’ve implemented MPX for many new clients – some of the largest and most well-known organizations, as well as several smaller groups.

Since Leo D’Angelo took over as our CTO and began making significant changes in our Software Development and Professional Services departments, we have received numerous compliments from clients regarding implementations and the improvement of their relationship development as a result of MPX.

“We just implemented MPX this summer and it went better than I could have imagined. The data conversion went as smooth as possible, the training was exceptional, and the Orange Leap team went above and beyond to solve problems with our network for us. Our organization is receiving tremendous value from MPX and the path to get there was relatively easy. I can’t say enough good things about partnering with Orange Leap Systems.”

Melanie Collier
Director of IT

Moms in Touch

“We bought MPX last fall and in about 9 months we were live and we love it. The Orange Leap implementation methodology was extremely well thought out, the training was great, and the Orange Leap team was professional and extremely focused on helping us solve problems every step of the way. With MPX we have moved from being a product-focused organization to being a people-focused organization – our donors, viewers, event and Bible study attendees, and product buyers are who we exist to serve and we now have the tool to build deep relationships with them. We could not be more excited about our new tool MPX or our partners in ministry at Orange Leap Systems.”

Karen Jacobs
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Precept Ministries

Over 90% of our business comes by word of mouth: a client like you telling another nonprofit organization about Orange Leap Systems. While this type of communication has always kept us focused on serving our clients well, it is also the most valuable way for us to add new clients. Every time a new client joins Orange Leap, it increases the resources we are able to apply to the development and improvement of MPX.

As a company with deep roots in the nonprofit industry, we believe strongly in the concept of giving. We have a strong belief that giving whether in the form of donations, time, or other acts of generosity are very meaningful to our lives as individuals.

Therefore, Orange Leap Systems would like to reward you for helping us grow our company and our ability to better serve you by announcing our new client referral program: Orange Leaping Others.

How does it work?

Introduce Orange Leap Systems to any nonprofit that is not a current Orange Leap Systems client and when they sign up with Orange Leap Systems, you will receive 10% of the software fees to be spent on your choice of the following:

1. A cash donation to your organization

2. A cash donation to the organization you referred to Orange Leap Systems

3. Credit to your organization for additional Orange Leap Systems licenses, new products, or services

4. Credit that can apply to the referred organization for additional Orange Leap Systems licenses, new products, or services

5. Credit to your organization to be applied to one of our “Orange Leaped Partners – Community of Success”; our product and service providers who work alongside Orange Leap Systems to help our clients achieve better success. Partner services include executive & operational consulting, fundraising & marketing strategy, advanced data analytics, tools and technology optimization, etc.

For example: You introduce Orange Leap Systems to a nonprofit organization and they purchase MPX for a software cost of $30,000, you receive $3,000 from Orange Leap Systems to be utilized as you choose from the options above.

Who can be referred?

Orange Leap Systems serves faith-based, humanitarian, broadcast, higher education, and various other worthy organizations. All types of nonprofits qualify including groups working in Christian ministry, conservative political organizations, health-related fields, arts and culture, private and higher education, disease and disorder, animal care and children’s causes. We are interested in working with any nonprofit organization that shares our core values, is committed to growing their organization by improving relationships with their constituents, and desires to make a positive impact on the world.

I am extremely excited about Orange Leaping Others because it is who we are as a company and because so many of you have consistently helped us by introducing Orange Leap Systems to other organizations through the years.
Thank you for letting us give back,

Randy McCabe

For more information on Orange Leaping Others, or to refer an organization to Orange Leap Systems, please contact Glenn Wiebe at (800) 562-5150 or email him at glenn@Orange

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