Goodbye PC, Hello Mac!

It’s funny. When I first saw the Mac vs PC commercials a couple years ago I felt bad for the PC guy. I thought that it wasn’t really fair.

Then, when Leo arrived at Orange Leap ‘lo those six months ago it seemed like he brought Apple to Orange Leap (or perhaps it was that feeling when you get a new white VW Jetta and then you notice all the white Jettas on the road). Within days of Leo bringing his MacBook Pro into the office it seemed like everywhere I turned was Apple.

First I noticed that my brother-in-law Brandon got a MacBook Pro, then my friend and board member Joe Stradinger showed up at a board meeting with a MacBook Pro. I went to visit a customer, Brent Evans, the EVP of Marriage Today, and he was using a MacBook Pro. Another week later another customer, David Michael Jeremiah from Turning Point showed up at our office wielding a MacBook Pro. It couldn’t have been seven business days later when I was meeting with Buddy Williams from Cool Strategies and he opened his laptop bag and pulled out a . . . you guessed it, MacBook Pro to show me a report he was working on for one of his customers who uses MPX (yes, according to my sources MPX works great on Mac – although Leo will be careful to tell you that it has not been certified and is not yet supported).

So, about a month ago my beautiful and resourceful wife Leslie came to me to let me know that our circa 2001 Dell Inspiron at the house was now taking a full 10 minutes to start up and that although she has been able to make it work an extra 2 years after the boys dropped it on the ground and crushed the CD drive – she was now at the end of her rope and was requiring me to figure out our computer situation. What followed was an every other day mention of some Dell financing offer or other “easy” way for us to drop kick the old computer for good and move on to a sleek new machine that the boys could quickly torture into submission.

I went to Lou, our IT guy at Orange Leap, and asked if there were any “extra” computers that were not being used that I could buy cheap from Orange Leap. No luck there, the good ones are in use, the bad ones are not in use for a good reason.

So, within 30 days I had exhausted my options and made peace with the fact that I was going to part with some money in order to get our home computing needs met. So my next great idea was that I would follow in the great Leo’s footsteps and get a MacBook Pro and then give my circa 2004 Dell Inspiron to Leslie. If you know my wife you know that she didn’t even respond to that casually mentioned idea at dinner one night.

So, to make a long story short (too late) last week I went to and made the plunge. A brand spanking new 20 inch iMac for our home (of course when I pulled it out of the box this morning I realized that it is going to feel very out of place on the old desk in the front bedroom which may require an entire redecorating effort – but that will be another story).

I am now an Apple owner. And this machine is a work of art!

Be sure to check back for updates when we actually turn it on!

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2 Comments on “Goodbye PC, Hello Mac!”

  1. Jeff Hook Says:

    My friend, you are now in the world of “cool!” Now all you need is a dot.mac account and you will rock! Mac is the new black!

  2. Brenton Evans Says:

    Welcome to the club. Once you go Mac, you never go back.

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