PGA FedEx Cup Thoughts

OK. Let’s take a break from the world of nonprofits for just a minute to deal with a really important issue in our world. I realize that this blog has nothing to do with professional golf except for the fact that golf is my favorite sport to play, watch, read about, talk about, think about . . . and I assume that everyone else feels the same way (save my lovely wife who gets tired of all of the golf talk, golf memorabilia, golf magazines, golf on vacation, tivo’d golf tournaments, etc.).

So 2007 is the first year of the FedEx Cup which is a sort of playoffs for golf. Everyone I talk with is confused about how it works and what it means so I thought I would point you to an excellent article I found on about how the playoffs work – and how they might work better.

And before you read it, I have to pass on Jim Furyk’s thoughts about the FedEx Cup. To paraphrase Jim, “There are 32 teams in the NFL and 12 teams make the playoffs. Next year 125 guys will get their PGA tour card and we are letting 144 into the FedEx Cup Playoffs. That’s like 110%?” Good point Jim.

Cup Half Empty?

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