MPX Events Solution

Is managing Events an important aspect of your ministry? If so, please read on…
Orange Leap Logo An Invitation from Orange Leap CTO Leo D’Angelo: “With your help, through our MPX Product Roadmap planning, we have identified Events Management as an important need for many of our customers. As you can probably guess, Events Management can mean different things to different organizations depending on the kind of events that they engage in. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us for a planning session for an Events Solution for MPX.”
AIG Logo MPX Events Solution Planning Meeting: In partnership with Answers in Genesis, Orange Leap Systems is hosting a 2 day Events Solution Planning Session led by Orange Leap Systems CTO Leo D’Angelo at the beautiful and amazing Creation Museum recently opened in Petersburg, Kentucky. As an MPX customer you are invited to attend and participate in planning an MPX Events Solution.

  • WHAT: Events Solution Planning for MPX
  • WHEN: Wednesday-Thursday, October 3-4, 2007
  • WHERE: Creation Museum, Petersburg, Kentucky (accessible from Louisville or Cincinnati airports)
  • WHO: MPX Customers interested in Events Management
  • COST: As a special gift from our friends at Answers in Genesis there will be no charge for the Creation Museum tour that will be part of the 2 day event. Orange Leap will provide lunch and snacks. Airfare, hotel, and other meals will be the responsibility of the attendee.

Please RSVP by Friday, September 14 to Brian Roberts at:

Phone: (972) 220-0346
Email: broberts@Orange

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