Precept Ministries – Live on MPX!

One of my favorite customers – Precept Ministries International, the television, radio, and conference ministry (and creators of the Inductive Bible Study) founded by Kay Arthur – went live on MPX about a month ago.

We have had a very successful implementation project and have really solved some meaningful problems together for Precept. And when I say “together” I mean it. From the top down their team has recognized that a software implementation for an organization this size is one of, if not the most important things going on within their organization over the last several months. So much that their COO Pete De Lacy and their VP of Finance Karen Jacobs have been involved and championing MPX and the positive changes required from their team on a regular basis and across the organization.

The most significant benefit that the organization is realizing from MPX is a new level of understanding and communication with their donors, viewers, listeners, product buyers, and conference attendees in order to grow relationships and ultimately eOrange Leap Precept to achieve their long term vision. In the words of COO Pete De Lacy, “with MPX we are moving from being a product-focused organization to being a people-focused organization.”

Last week I received the following email from Precept VP of Finance Karen Jacobs about Orange Leap Systems and the Precept project. While she and their team have given Orange Leap and MPX a lot of credit, our belief is when an organization like Precept is doing great work, has a singular vision for success, and has commitment to success from the top throughout the organization — it is a recipe for success.

“Thank you Randy for your encouragement and your staff.

I don’t know that I can say enough about how well they performed. As you know implementing MPX was a major undertaking with all the additional software integrations. I truly appreciate how well the Orange Leap team planned and anticipated our needs and were more than willing to do what ever it took to pull things together.

I can only begin to imagine what this partnership will mean for Precept Ministries as we move forward, and for His kingdom.

Thank you again.


Precept Ministries International”


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