Americans set record for charity in 2006

I just read an AP story (see link below) about charitable giving results from 2006.

It is very encouraging that giving was up in 2006 even after a record year in 2005 that was boosted by giving to aid victims of major disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Asian Tsunami.

It is interesting and consistent year over year that giving to religious charities (giving to God) lead all categories of causes (almost 33%). Another interesting statistic which is usually the case is that about 65% of households with income of less than $100,000 per year give to charity.

The article also talked about the recognition that “mega-gifts” receive (gifts over $1 billion) and the massive impact that they can have (like the Gates Foundation).

One thing that those statistics reinforce is that while major gifts obviously provide a big impact – it is the gifts of the individuals who give from the heart to causes that matter that are making America the most charitable country in the world.

Therefore, if you are a nonprofit organization – in your fundraising efforts – you must never forget that while having a sound strategy is important and having the right software to automate that strategy is vital, what is most important in the end, is that you communicate real stories of changed lives because of the work that you do.

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