Two Sides of a Coin: Software AND Strategy

We had a meeting with a prospective customer in our office yesterday. Not a huge organization but one that is doing great work. Probably 5 full time employees 9,000 donors and with some good growth potential. They are using an MS Access database that a volunteer built for them and that is a solid data repository (or “write-only database” as I once heard it described) that makes it very difficult to view, extract, or do anything meaningful with data. We talked about their system needs, which are significant.

But then we started talking about their overall challenges and opportunities as a ministry nonprofit – which are greater than simply improving their software. They are similar challenges to many nonprofits.

In order to successfully grow your organization you have to have both a good donor relationship software application and a good strategy to use the application. Good software without strategy can limit you to using sophisticated software as an expensive receipting tool. On the other hand, good strategy without good software can force you to alter your strategy because you lack the tools to communicate appropriately or you are limited in your ability to measure results and know how well your strategy is working.

But when good software meets good strategy it can be very effective in creating the kind of meaningful relationships that every organization desires. Good software can automate your good fundraising strategy by providing powerful segmentation tools to create appropriate and integrated communications so that every donor, customer, member, listener, viewer, or friend receives communications and appeals that fit the relationship they have with your organization – be that an email appeal, a telephone update about a timely project, a special invitation to a reception with the President of your organization – or a combination of any or more different communications that all reinforce the trust and partnership between your organization and your most important assets.

At Orange Leap we see that our most satisfied customers have well thought out strategies that utilize our software to create tremendous value for their organization. Often times they are working with able fundraising consultants or agencies (many of whom you can find on our Blogroll). Some customers do not have the resources to work with a consultant.

One of my goals for this year at Orange Leap is to create ways that we can help our customers maximize their use of MPX. If you have a fundraising agency or consultant we want to help bridge the gap between your good strategy and the tool. If you don’t have fundraising help, we are working on ways that we can provide you with basic and easy to implement strategies and tactics that will help your organization acquire, develop, and maximize the relationships that are vital to achieving your vision.

Because we recognize that our powerful tool MPX is only as good as the strategy that is being applied to it.

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